Moved into new house – Kubuntu 10.04

I just wiped off my Kubuntu 8.10 and installed the newly released Kubuntu 10.04, a.k.a. Lucid Lynx. Below are some of the improvements I’ve notice, comparing to 8.10:

  1. 3G Internet modem support has been integrated into KNetwokManager (though I heard it was already added since 2009).
  2. Overall performance has been improve noticeably, especially the amount of time it takes to boot up and to shut down.
  3. Sound volume issue that I used to have with 8.10 is gone.

However, I do find new problems that I never experience with 8.10:

  1. There is no sound when watching Flash video such as Youtube in browser. I don’t remember I’d ever did any fix for this in 8.10, but many people have this problem since past few releases (an issue from Adobe?).
  2. Network activities take much longer time for address resolution, perhaps requires some kind of tweak.

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