First post in 2010

Stepping into a new year, here are the topics that I have studied/refreshed over the past three weeks:

  1. Cleared some doubts that I was having regarding ‘static‘ keyword in C++. It may affect certain concepts in C++ such as namespace, storage duration, and linkage.
  2. Studied C++ exception handling more in depth: exception handling for constructor and destructor, and a bit on set_terminate() and set_unexpected().
  3. Makefile! Applied what I learned on makefile into gUtil of NetCom Simulator project.
  4. Reviewed and played around with C++ library creation (this time am using CDT instead of MSVC). Some topics that I regard as relatively advanced were left to be explore in future.

Next, I plan to complete GFileSystem module of gUtil by 27th of this month.

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