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Moved into new house – Kubuntu 10.04

I just wiped off my Kubuntu 8.10 and installed the newly released Kubuntu 10.04, a.k.a. Lucid Lynx. Below are some of the improvements I’ve notice, comparing to 8.10: 3G Internet modem support has been integrated into KNetwokManager (though I heard it was already added since 2009). Overall performance has been improve noticeably, especially the amount […]

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Blog migrated

Just migrated the blog, in fact the whole website, to a new hosting provider, with slightly cheaper price and improved loading speed. Has changed the visual theme for this blog as well, though might want to further customize it later on.

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Knowledge refreshment

In July I did a review on OO in C++, due to the fact that I have not much chance to use it since my last job. Currently my work mostly dealing with a proprietary platform that does not support OO, though once a while I still need to debug or to customize some of […]

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Logging exploration…

I have been aware since my very first job that the way I do logging in my code is not quite up to standard. I refer my method as “kid’s logging”. I too used to be surprise to see that many of the real life code in business organizations is actually about that kid’s level, […]

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Fedora 11 is launched

Just downloaded the release and installed the x86 version on my laptop via VMware Server. Its performance has impressed me, both in terms of boot up time and responsiveness. Personally I am not really a fan of Fedora, and just wanna use it as one of my testing platform. So how good exactly its performance […]

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Distributed SCM software

Honestly speaking, my knowledge and understanding on source control system is all about centralized model. I never realize the existance of SCM software that works on distributed basis, until today, I just read the announcement from Google Code for the added support of Mercurial (written in Python). There is also another popular one namely Git, […]

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Price for evaluating/using Beta software

Back to February I got myself a new laptop that was running Windows Vista Home Premium. With its hardware specification, the performance I had experienced was not very satisfying, thus triggered my action to try out Windows 7 Build 7000. I found that the rumour is quite true, Windows 7 does perform better than Vista […]

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First touch with Cuil

I just try out this newly launch search engine, by few Google’s ex-employees and as well as some other people in the field. First, I tried to search my name, wow, few pages related to me appear on top of the search result. Am I that famous? While trying out the same thing with Google, […]

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Hobby projects

Just wondering…if feeling bored with my work, why not start some hobby projects? Not necessary for making money, but definitely will help in learning and improving my skill set, and of course have fun. The most major challenge to make the steps is lacking of free time due to OT. There must be a way…

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A thought on programmer life

Software development and programming are full of fun…, only if there is no unrealistic constraint. Somehow… majority of the software lover are surrounded by all kinds of unfeasible constraints, from day to day. Some says programmer’s job is dealing with bug; whereby some other feels that programmer’s life is too routine, just like a bug’s […]

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