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Build failure with Qt makefile: undefined reference to `_Unwind_Resume’

While building NetCom’s app_gui module through command line with the makefile auto-generated by Qt, I encountered following error: undefined reference to `_Unwind_Resume’ Just in case anyone makes the same mistake, here is the tip: makefile generated by Qt requires some environment variables to be set up beforehand.  In another word, if you run build from […]

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C++ library linking

While porting NetCom Simulator’s GLog module from Windows to Linux, I found all my library linking, i.e. to Boost C++ libraries, are broken. After some study and experiment works, I realize that library linking works slightly different on the two platforms. Here is my finding base on the experiment as well as ideas received from […]

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Setting up BandLuxe C179 3.5G modem on Kubuntu 8.10

Recently I just cancelled my fixed line broadband and got my 2Mb mobile broadband plan, as I rarely able to fully utilize the 8Mb bandwidth. With this switch, I manage to save about $30 per month, inclusive of the cost of home telephone line. Bundled with this new plan from SingTel is a BandLuxe C179 […]

Wednesday December 23rd, 2009 in Learning in progress, Linux (general), Sharing | 2 Comments »

Trying out VMware Server 2.0

Today I just install VMware Server 2.0 on my new laptop. After spending the whole morning for tweaking, it finally works without sacrifying host OS’s network connectivity. I am kinda surprise that this version has give up the application window, but using web as its user interface. There are some UI rearrangement that took me […]

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VBA script for calculating balance after transaction

I have been using MS Excel for keeping track my monthly expenses since quite a number of years ago. One of the worksheets in that Excel file contains a list form that records my bank account transactions, as well as balance after each transaction. However I am getting tire to do the calculation by hand, […]

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SS7 Point Code Conversion

Recently I was assigned a task to handle SS7 (Signaling System #7) implementation for a project. As a programmer who is relative new to telecommunication and never touch SS7 before, it was seriously a challenge for me. One of the problems that had been sucking my brain juice for a whole week was Point Code […]

Thursday September 11th, 2008 in Learning in progress, Sharing | 5 Comments »

Mirroring Subversion repository

Early in this morning, around 6am, I came across to a question: how am I going to backup my SVN repo hosted at Google Code? svnsync is the answer! This tool comes together with standard SVN download (at least true for Windows version). It allows you to turn a newly created repo into mirror for […]

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Project framework

Back to fifteen months ago, I was learning Subversion topics that are beyond my prior knowledge and experience on basic usage. This had led me to the idea of coming out with a software project framework, which I can reuse in any new project in future. More specifically, this framework is more like a template […]

Tuesday August 19th, 2008 in Sharing | 1 Comment »

Mum say: don’t crash your server box with vi …

Have you ever accidentally make your server crash or hang before by opening a very large log file? I really did it, and if your answer is yes then I hope the following simple script will help you in certain way. #!/bin/bash # DATE : 2008-04-21 # USAGE : safevi <filename> [vi] # NOTE : […]

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Running Subversion with SELinux enforced

Most of the time I do development on Windows, thus I use TortoiseSVN for source control purpose. Out of curiosity, this morning I tried to set up SVN server with Apache under Fedora 8, and surprisingly it did not work. My browsers threw me error message — HTTP 500 under IE; error code 13 under […]

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