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Test Driven Development (TDD), reading …

Recently I borrowed a book from library, namely Test Driven Development: By Example (Addison-Wesley Signature Series), by Kent Beck (ISBN: 978-0321146533) The first time I heard about the term TDD was during my study, while doing research on various software development practices. Unfortunately I was unable to finish it before returning to library. However the […]

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Some of the demanding talents

“Bill Gates and the Culture of Puzzles” – How Would You Move Mount Fuji, by William Poundstone Here are few points which today I extracted from above title, explained from my very personal perspective: Whenever you are facing a challenge – try to understand it first Do not feel panic or nervous. Try brainstorming and […]

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Working environment

“When the office environment is frustrating enough, people look for place to hide out. They book the conference rooms or head for library or wander off for coffee and just don’t come back.” Everyone sitting nearby stared at me. I laughed out in public library while reading this from Peopleware. Trust me! I really did […]

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Soul flaming

“The Road to Dogfood” – Dreaming in Code, by Scott Rosenberg Though things may not go well, do not forget to periodically motivate the team with whatever measure that excites everyone and ties the souls together. While resources are limited, try to make use of the power from public or even from your customer/market to […]

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Software engineering

“Engineers and Artists” – Dreaming in Code, by Scott Rosenberg Software engineering involves the application of scientific process as well as artistic decisions.

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Programmer’s responsibility

Recently I have subscribed a newsletter from Microsoft, regarding Microsoft Press Book. One of the title introduced in April release – Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises, by Roger Sessions, had grasp my attention, mainly due to the following phrase in its introduction: “IT blames the business side. The business side blames IT …” While I […]

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Mindset and culture

We are just a small company, … A: “we only have little resources thus do not need process and standard. Those things are beneficial for giant firm only.” B: “we only have little resources thus we need process and standard to improve efficiency and maximize productivity.” A: “we cannot afford to make the product high […]

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Software project is …

Software people may take years and years of experience before they realize what software project is all about. Say you are given such a task, how long you will need to take in order to make non-software people to understand software project?

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Software defined

“Hardware can be measured physically; Software has no physical measurement. Hardware is tough and challenging; Software is …” A classic question for CS diploma students: what is a software? A quick search in Google will return you various definitions. They can be generally summarized as: A software is a computer program that performs some tasks […]

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