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Release of NetCom v0.2 been postponed

Initial schedule: 2009-09-15 Postponed to: 2009-12-15 Too much disturbance from day-time job…

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NetCom Simulator v0.1.0.1 is released!!!

OK. As stated in milestone, release 0.1 will only contains the basic GUI component, the app_gui module, without integration with other functional modules as they have not been implemented yet. This release contains the program binary (archived) for Windows and Linux. They are tested on x86 (32-bits) version of Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, […]

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Building app_gui module on Linux

Finally I manage to build app_gui module on Fedora 11, but x86. At least it is safe to say that it works on all the targeted platforms: Windows, Redhat and Ubuntu. Previous build attempts had failed at library linking step because of two missing packages, namely qt4-devel and glib2-devel. Right now this module still won’t […]

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NetCom milestones updated

NetCom’s milestones has been reviewed and updated, which is now available at project’s homepage. There will be 5 major milestones towards NetCom Simulator Version 1.0. By definition, the very first target is almost done, except for the testing. In fact, the GUI program, namely app_gui module are tested on 32-bits version of Windows XP, Windows […]

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NetCom’s GUI module

I just completed the version, initial prototype of NetCom Simulator’s app_gui module. It’s developed by using Qt 4.5 under Windows platform, tested on Windows XP and Windows Vista. However, the task of developing this module is not consider done yet. It has the bare minimum navigation but still lacking of functional logic. Next, I […]

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One step further

With the commit of use case specification revision 0.6, I would say now the NetCom Simulator project is progressing rather smooth since March, and my favorite programming tasks should be starting soon. By reviewing the time line which I set back to quite some time ago, I think there is seriously a need to reschedule […]

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GUI development for NetCom

While I am preparing the functional requirements for NetCom, I come to a section – Screen Design. The objective of this section, at least for current phase, is not for finalizing how will the screens look exactly like at the end of the day. Instead it will be illustrating the layout arrangement of the screens […]

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Summary from NetCom task #3 – brief note for TCP and UDP

I feel that there is a need to summarize what I’d learn from task #3 of NetCom project: TCP A protocol that provides reliable data transmission via mechanisms like flow control, error checking, retransmission of lost data, etc. Its data unit is generally known as packet. TCP communication involves three phases: connection establishment, data transfer, […]

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NetCom – completion of task #3

Last week I had finally uploaded the snippet for UDP programming under \doc_technical\research\programming\socket_programming\UDP\ Together with the TCP snippet which was previously committed, their objectives are mean for demonstrating the basis of BSD style socket programming in TCP and UDP protocols. For the rest of attributes in socket programming, I will leave it in future as […]

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NetCom – progress update @ 18 January 2009

As everyone can see from the update list of NetCom project portal as well as this blog itself, NetCom has been in silent mode since October of last year. Don’t get it wrong, this has nothing to do with the global economy recession :P. Few things happened during this period (I have to apologize for […]

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