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Linking Boost library from Qt application with MinGW

While integrating NetCom’s app_gui module (Qt app) with GLog module that relies on Boost library, I encountered a long long list of linking errors: g++ -enable-stdcall-fixup -Wl,-enable-auto-import -Wl,-enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc -mthreads -Wl -Wl,-subsystem,windows -o .\NetCom.exe .\main.o .\MainWindow.o.\TestCaseDialog.o .\RunTestPlanDialog.o .\MsgCommDialog.o .\moc_MainWindow.o .\moc_TestCaseDialog.o .\moc_RunTestPlanDialog.o .\moc_MsgCommDialog.o -L"C:\Qt\2010.02.1\qt\lib" -L"C:\boost_1_41_0\stage\lib" -lmingw32 -lqtmaind -lQtGuid4 -lQtCored4 -llibboost_date_time-mt-d C:\boost_1_41_0\stage\lib/libboost_date_time-mt-d.lib(greg_month.o): In function `ZN5boost9gregorian10greg_month17get_month_map_ptrEv': c:/boost_1_41_0/libs/date_time/src/gregorian/greg_month.cpp:36: undefined reference […]

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Build failure with Qt makefile: undefined reference to `_Unwind_Resume’

While building NetCom’s app_gui module through command line with the makefile auto-generated by Qt, I encountered following error: undefined reference to `_Unwind_Resume’ Just in case anyone makes the same mistake, here is the tip: makefile generated by Qt requires some environment variables to be set up beforehand.  In another word, if you run build from […]

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New project roadmap for NetCom Simulator

Please refer to the roadmap #2: Roadmap history

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Development of GFileSystem module is suspended

Find more details in NetCom Simulator project’s issue tracker:

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GLog module is thread safe now

Finally, the GLog module can be use safely from multiple threads concurrently. This is achieved by using the Boost.Asio library, which is one of the options mentioned in previous post. Asio provides some convenient utilities, such as io_service and strand, which makes implementation of asynchronous I/O and synchronous access to shared resources relatively easy. In fact, these are the missing […]

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Journey to a threadsafe GLog module

I’m still in the progress of trying to make GLog module threadsafe. Right now, log output to screen still having multithreading issue, which must be solve no matter how. Below is what has been happening up to this point: Knowing that std::cout is not threadsafe, have been looking for alternative, without applying lock on every […]

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Initial threading support for NetCom Simulator

While trying to make GLog module thread safe, I have been wondering if I should directly use the pthread APIs, Boost.Thread, or write a GThread module that wraps up either of them. After some struggling, I decided to use Boost.Thread directly for the moment, both from the gUtil layer and from application codes. Reasons: I […]

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‘Boost’-ing NetCom Simulator

I’d heard about Boost since my last job, back to 2006. Knowing what Boost library is all about, I have not taste it out before, however. And on this week, I finally place my hands on it, so that Netcom Simulator project can have a thread-safe facility for dealing with date time. These functions can […]

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Bottom-up approach for building GLog module

The main objective of gUtil layer is to standardize the approach for completing similar tasks, where the initial idea is by having a thin wrapper that centrally simplifies and controls the interfaces for accessing various third party libraries. By accomplishing this, Netcom Simulator project is hopefully will be able to progress faster in future, yet […]

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Release of NetCom v0.2 been postponed

Initial schedule: 2009-09-15 Postponed to: 2009-12-15 Too much disturbance from day-time job…

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